Drug convictions result in severe penalties under criminal law

Most everyone will agree that the drug trade creates problems in neighbourhoods. Where drugs are trafficked, other offences, including violent crimes, tend to rise. Because of this, police across Alberta and other provinces are zealously focusing on reducing drug crimes by targeting those whom they suspect are involved in the trade of illegal substances. After an arrest for drug offences, defendants may face a complex criminal law process.

Recent activity by law enforcement resulted in the arrest of four people, ranging in ages from 18 to 48. The Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team along with local police conducted a sting operation over the span of one week. In addition to the arrests, police say they seized one fentanyl pill and over 200 grams of cocaine. While this may seem a small amount, police consider it a victory to get any drugs off the streets.

Those arrested face charges that include possession of a controlled substance with intent to traffic, simple possession, trafficking a controlled substance and possession of the proceeds of a crime. Each of these counts may result in significant periods of incarceration if those accused are convicted. Recently, prosecutors have been seeking harsher penalties for drug crimes, especially when fentanyl is involved in an offence.

Alberta law enforcement is committed to continuing in its quest to rid the streets of drug trafficking to make communities safer for their residents. However, this does not relieve police from respecting the rights of those accused of crimes. When facing drug charges, it is wise to seek the advice and guidance of a skilled criminal law professional.