Investigations into the circumstances surrounding deadly vehicle accidents can take time. Police may call on experts in various fields to examine the vehicles involved and determine how the events transpired. They may speak to witnesses, perhaps including those who knew the drivers of the vehicles and their actions prior to the collision. Alberta police recently completed their investigation into a crash from January, filing charges for several driving offences against the operator of a semitruck.

The truck allegedly rear-ended an SUV as the driver of the smaller vehicle slowed to exit the highway. Police and emergency responders came to the scene and transported the driver of the SUV to hospital with what appeared to be minor injuries. However, once in hospital, the 69-year-old man’s condition began to deteriorate rapidly. He died a few hours later.

The driver of the truck did not suffer any injuries. Recently, Alberta police charged him with careless driving, which could result in fines, license suspension and potentially jail time if he is convicted. He also faces charges for numerous offences related to his commercial driving status, including failing to keep a daily log and not having a safety inspection schedule to show police.

As a commercial driver facing these types of serious driving offences, he is not only at risk of civil penalties. He may also lose his job if his license is suspended. When dealing with these types of legal matters, it is wise for one to have an advocate who can stand for his or her rights and fight for the best possible outcome.