Trucker charged with driving offences from Jan. crash

Investigations into the circumstances surrounding deadly vehicle accidents can take time. Police may call on experts in various fields to examine the vehicles involved and determine how the events transpired. They may speak to witnesses, perhaps including those who knew the drivers of the vehicles and their actions prior to the collision. Alberta police recently completed their investigation into a crash from January, filing charges for several driving offences against the operator of a semitruck.

New law leads to charges for drunk driving offences

In just a few months, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Alberta are already seeing results from the passage of the new law intended to deter drunk driving. The law, passed in December allows police to demand breath samples using a portable device even when they stop drivers for unrelated driving offences. A driver does not have to show any signs of being intoxicated or impaired for an officer to request the test.

Photo radar captured fewer driving offences last year

Some drivers in Alberta have strong opinions about photo-enforced speed zones. Drivers in these zones may receive a citation in the mail courtesy of a speed camera that clicks a photo of a vehicle when it exceeds the posted speed. Photo technology also provides a way for police to penalize those who run red lights. Photo radar creates millions in revenue for municipalities that utilize this passive form of law enforcement. However, as the number of driving offences declines, so does this revenue.