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Cannabis And Driving: How Your Driving Skills Are Affected

As a youth, you may have heard different theories on the effects of consuming cannabis before driving. You may have heard it makes you a better driver, or makes you pay more attention to your surroundings, making you sharper and more aware. The truth is that there is no evidence to support any of these statements.

To help people separate fact from fiction, the Canadian Automobile Association has published an article on the effects of cannabis while driving.

Collecting Overdue Spousal and Child Support Payments

Let’s say you’re expecting to receive money from your ex-partner to pay for your daughter’s new clothes. But the money doesn’t arrive. Unfortunately, getting a Support Order from a court does not mean that you are guaranteed to get the money set out in the Order.

What can you do? Your ex-partner can be compelled to pay the support payments you are owed. It may still be possible to force your ex to pay their outstanding support payments even if they have moved to another province or another country.

Property Rights For Non-Married Couples: A Need For Reform?

Currently, there is no legislation in Alberta that protects the rights of couples who are unmarried when they decide to end their relationship. This makes issues such as property division and splitting assets difficult. The Adult Interdependence Act allows some provisions for unmarried couples to apply for spousal support payments.

Because of the lack of specific legislation regarding property rights for non-married couples, a legal organization in Alberta has suggested that currents laws be revised.

Criminal Offences: Indictable Versus Summary

The Criminal Code of Canada may be confusing to those who have little or no experience with the justice system. If you have been charged with a crime, the consequences you face are largely tied with the way your offence will be heard by the courts. It can proceed as a summary conviction offence, an indictable offence, or a combination of the two, known as a hybrid offence.

The main distinction between the types of offences is the way the case is heard, and the types of penalties you may face if convicted.

The Concept Of Marriage: What Do Canadians Think?

Marriage has traditionally been regarded as a major milestone in adulthood. You would graduate school, move out, get married, and have children. Now, more young adults are heading back to school after they graduate. Jobs are harder to come by, so saving money for a down payment on a home is more of a challenge. And there are countless articles about the pros and cons of how dating apps have changed the way people connect with each other.

What all of this means is that the perception of marriage as an attainable milestone has changed with the times. According to a recent poll reported by Global News, it appears that at least half of Canadians view marriage as "unnecessary".

Are Pardons For Simple Possession Of Marijuana Imminent?

Hot on the heels of the legalization of cannabis for recreational use, the Canadian government has started a conversation about streamlining the pardon process for people convicted of simple possession of marijuana.

Following our discussion of the record suspension process, we look at what this change could mean moving forward.

What Is A Record Suspension?

If you have been convicted of a crime, you may wonder if you can erase any record of the conviction after you have completed the sentence. The short answer is no, you cannot erase the conviction from your permanent record. However, you can have it removed from certain databases. This process is known as a record suspension.

Making A Parenting Plan: What You Need To Know

After a separation or divorce, one of the most important issues to address is how a couple’s children will be cared for. In order to ensure that both spouses are confident and comfortable with how matters are being handled, a parenting agreement can be an important tool.


The Alberta Court System: Criminal Procedure

If you have been charged with a criminal offence, the odds are that it may be your first experience with the legal system. Criminal cases can be complex, and there are quite a few legal procedures. However, we've created a list of the general life of a criminal case to give you an overview of what to expect if you have been charged with a crime.

Accused of Theft? Read This Now

On the surface, theft seems black and white. Take something that’s not yours, get caught, end of story, right? As it turns out, it isn’t always so straightforward which can lead to confusing situations and stressful outcomes.

If you’ve been accused of theft, it’s normal to feel frightened and anxious. You may be worried about your future, about how a criminal charge could affect your job, and whether your family and friends will find out.

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