Property Division

Alberta Property Division- Protecting Your Rights

The division of matrimonial property is rarely a straightforward process. Factors such as the length and nature of the relationship are important, as is the question of assets, divisibility and exemptions.

For almost three decades, families across Alberta have trusted the property division lawyers at Raponi Rideout Tarrabain to help them navigate the challenges of property division and advocate for their rights. We listen to you and find solutions that work. Use our experience to your advantage.

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When a relationship ends, there are often questions about the division of tangible possessions. Who gets the house, the car, the furniture and so on? While these are important considerations, it is also critical to examine assets such as:

It is also necessary to consider that the rights regarding property division differ depending on the nature of the relationship. In other words, what applies to a married couple may have no bearing on the outcome of a common law relationship. Our team of family lawyers is dedicated to combing through the details to work towards a fair and comprehensive settlement. We take the time to listen to your questions and concerns and put forward strategic options to help you reach your goals.

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