Impaired Driving Due To Alcohol

Fighting Charges Of Impaired Driving Due To Alcohol

Being charged with an impaired driving offence can leave you facing devastating consequences. It is important to move quickly and not wait to get the help that you need.

Since this area of the law is so technical and complex, working with an experienced lawyer matters. The criminal law team at Raponi Rideout Tarrabain has the expertise to provide you with a vigorous defence against impaired driving charges. We are dedicated to providing exceptional representation to our clients and tailoring our services to meet your needs.

Impaired Driving Penalties

Impaired driving carries serious implications and being charged can seriously and permanently affect your life. If facing an impaired driving charge, consequences can include:

  • Vehicle seizure
  • Drivers licence suspension
  • Fines
  • Jail sentence
  • Significant automobile insurance premium increases
  • Criminal record

Our experienced team understands the complex nature of this area of law and will help protect your rights. Having represented clients across Alberta, we have the knowledge and skill to serve you.

We understand that being charged with impaired driving can be overwhelming. We are dedicated to providing you with excellent representation and ensuring that you are in good hands. We will present you with all available options and equip you to make informed decisions so that you feel prepared to move forward.

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