Social media can damage family law matters

Facebook and other social media sites are part of normal life for most people in Alberta and across the world. Many use their social media to learn of news events, find tips for health and homemaking, and lighten their day with amusing videos. Mostly, however, social media is a forum for free expression of one’s opinions and sharing life events with friends and family. While this may seem innocent enough, social media posts can derail cases involving family law matters.

New law leads to charges for drunk driving offences

In just a few months, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Alberta are already seeing results from the passage of the new law intended to deter drunk driving. The law, passed in December allows police to demand breath samples using a portable device even when they stop drivers for unrelated driving offences. A driver does not have to show any signs of being intoxicated or impaired for an officer to request the test.

Criminal law investigation leads to 3 arrests

Alberta police have a mission to put a stop to drug trafficking and the crime that often follows it. To this end, they have formed an agency called Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team, which unites police from surrounding units, including Edmonton police and RCMP. Investigations into organized crime and other matters of criminal law may take weeks or longer, and police may focus on subjects until they have cause to apprehend a suspect. A recent ALERT investigation resulted in three arrests.