Family law contracts are not something to take lightly

One of the first things the media wants to know after hearing of the engagement or marriage of a celebrity is whether the celebrity signed a prenuptial agreement. Too often, the rich and famous have lost millions in contentious divorces and may have been spared the loss with the safeguard of a prenup. However, prenuptial agreements are not exclusive to the likes of Justin Bieber, and couples in Alberta who marry without the benefit of such an agreement can still take steps to protect themselves under the Family Law Act.

Photo radar captured fewer driving offences last year

Some drivers in Alberta have strong opinions about photo-enforced speed zones. Drivers in these zones may receive a citation in the mail courtesy of a speed camera that clicks a photo of a vehicle when it exceeds the posted speed. Photo technology also provides a way for police to penalize those who run red lights. Photo radar creates millions in revenue for municipalities that utilize this passive form of law enforcement. However, as the number of driving offences declines, so does this revenue.